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Who we are?

Software house of the future

We're in a digital era, no doubt. Applications have a considerable impact on our lives and they're literally shaping our future. We always ask this question to ourselves and you should ask yourself too. How do you picture the future?

Some build soulless applications, we build products that add value to your life, products that you are better with. We study, we learn, we analyze, then we get our hands dirty.

We want to make the world a better place than we found it in the first place. Let's meet in the future!   - Broftware team

We are building
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Collection of our recent and popular magical applications that you will love

Mantra - Daily Affirmations

Health & FitnessLifestyle

Our brains are wired to repeat negative feelings if fed with negative thoughts. Luckily the same goes for the positive side. Daily affirmations help us rewire our brains and fix these negative patterns.

“If you practice saying positive things in non-stressful situations, it has been found that you can change your brain’s reactions” — Caroline Miller

👇 Get Mantra on your phone! 📱

Charm: Skincare Routine 360°

Health & FitnessLifestyle

Charm is a personalized skincare assistant app that allows you to create, track, and analyze your skincare routine with artificial intelligence.

Explore DIY home treatments, read articles about skincare, create healthy habits, do face exercises, and more!

Vegan Recipes & Meal Plans

Food & DrinkHealth & Fitness

Access many exclusive vegan recipes that can not be found anywhere else including gluten-free recipes. It's easy to use and offers you nutritionally balanced meal plans every day to make easy cooking decisions! Vegan recipes updated every week with inspirational new recipes, videos, and content, helping you feel healthier and happier.

Future is green!


ReactPortfolio Creator

Humans are magnificent creators. Breecks allows you to build your personal website to showcase yourself.

For example; this page is created with breecks. Go check it out now!

Zyra: Motivational Quotes

LifestyleHealth & Fitness

Quotes are concise sentences, expressing wisdom, and awakening motivation, inspiration, and happiness. Reading quotes regularly have huge impacts on your daily life.

With this app, you can read, not just once, but many enlightening quotes from the powerful minds.

icoons: App Icon Themes

Graphics & DesignPhoto & Video

Icoons gives a stunning look to your iPhone with simple, beautiful, and ready-to-use icon collections. It provides a toolkit to create custom icons, change design, backgrounds & icons as you wish, then put these icons in for the shortcuts, and add them to your home screen!

Sheen: Mental Health Coach

Health & FitnessReference

Sheen is The #1 CBT therapy app to relieve stress, anxiety & depression, improve mental wellbeing, and create a healthier, happier life. Sheen will help you train your mind with over 500+ cognitive-behavioral-therapy (CBT) guided therapy sessions written by psychologists, mindfulness experts, neuroscientists, and teachers.

Sheen is acquired by another software company in 2021.

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